No one has taken responsibility for a facsimile of a submarine conning tower that has floated in a manmade sump off Route 114 in East Hampton since April.
Somewhere near Springs-Fireplace Road in East Hampton there is a very small, very old, very decrepit saltbox house, unoccupied for decades except by raccoons, that is newly in the crosshairs of town and county historians.
“Jeffrey was an amazing guy,” T.J. Calabrese said the other day of his late friend, Jeff Bogetti. “He had such an infectious personality that you wanted to be around him; he was really funny. That’s why he had so many friends.”
Dylan’s Candy Bar is seeking a permit to allow the sale of ice cream in cones and paper cups, which East Hampton Village prohibited in 2008 as part of an amendment banning fast-food establishments.
Construction of 48 new rental apartments in Wainscott to provide affordable housing would have a “profound impact” on the tiny Wainscott School, according to David Eagan, president of the hamlet’s school board. The proposal was outlined at an East Hampton Town Board meeting on Tuesday.
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