New initiatives and an increased focus at Town Hall on ordinance enforcement and reducing the quality-of-life problems that result from chronic violation of East Hampton’s codes appear to have had an impact in 2014.
Close to $1 million from East Hampton’s community preservation fund is to be allocated to restoration work at several historic sites this year, according to a draft budget that was the subject of a Jan. 15 town board hearing.
The property, formerly owned by Jerry Della Femina, the advertising executive, is entirely seaward of the coastal erosion hazard line, which triggers Federal Emergency Management Agency regulations.
East Hampton Town is moving to acquire, through eminent domain, disputed beachfront on Napeague.
The congregation of St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Amagansett voted unanimously on Sunday to become a Reconciled in Christ congregation, meaning it is publicly welcoming to all, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people.
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