Night Prowler Strikes Again in Montauk

Reports of the prowler began coming into East Hampton Town police headquarters in early October

   The night prowler who targets unlocked cars in Montauk, rummaging through them for money and valuables, struck in the Second House Road area overnight on Saturday.
    One victim was particularly hard-hit. Miriam Perez of South Debusy Road told police that $800 in hundred-dollar bills had been stolen from her car, along with a 14-karat gold chain.
    A month ago Ms. Perez told police that $200 cash was taken from her car, parked at the time in the lot behind Shagwong’s restaurant on Main Street, and later that same week, in the same lot, that $300 was removed from the car.
    At a different address on South Debusy, Angelica Murray lost a new fleece jacket and two cashmere sweaters to the nighttime bandit. Several other cars parked nearby were rummaged through, but nothing was taken.
    Reports of the prowler began coming into East Hampton Town police headquarters in early October. To date, several thousand dollars in cash and valuables has been stolen. The thief targets specific neighborhoods, all in Montauk. Ditch Plain, East Lake Drive, Fairview Avenue, and Culloden Shores have been the other targets.
    A few people have reported dogs barking at around two or three in the morning on the nights the crimes were committed, though one of the South Debusy women reported hearing dogs at around 10 p.m.
    Montauk residents have traditionally left their cars unlocked in their driveways at night, but that may change. Police have begun distributing leaflets in the hamlet, leaving door tags advising residents to lock their doors and vehicles.