On the Police Logs 09.13.12

Police News


A Sandpiper Lane woman noticed that a bicycle had been at the foot of the path to the beach for several days, so she put it in her garage for safe keeping.  Reading the police logs in the newspaper, she found that the bicycle matched a description of one reported stolen from Jennifer Kraus of Hedges Lane. She called the police, and bicycle and owner were reunited.

East Hampton

Alvan McLean had a Europower generator, valued at $600, stolen from a shed on his Warwick Road property last week.

East Hampton Village

Police were called to Lily Pond Lane on the morning of Sept. 5 when a woman reported her handbag and purse were taken out of her 2011 Land Rover, which she had parked and left unattended for 20 minutes. Hoping to recover it, police called out a dog from the New York State canine unit, but it did not pick up a scent. The police also questioned workers in the area, and searched a truck and a trailer, without finding anything. The bag and purse were found later at LaForest Lane and Apaquogue Road, with money missing. The amount was not disclosed.

Police went to Park Place last Thursday afternoon after receiving a report that someone was cutting a chain off a bicycle. It turned out that it was the owner, who’d lost the key to its lock.

A Springs woman called police to say that her son turned the radio up in the car she was driving after she asked him to turn it down. She also said her son had been disrespectful ever since he arrived on July 30. They are going to seek counseling at their church.

A Sunday morning report came in about a dead sea turtle on Egypt Beach. An officer saw it in the surf but could not tell if it was alive or dead. The department called the Riverhead Foundation, which said it would send somebody.


Eric Weinberg parked his BMW at the Surf Lodge at midnight, Labor Day, Sept. 3, then drove home a couple of hours later. The next morning, he discovered someone had scratched his car, causing $3,000 in damage.
On Labor Day evening, Heather O’Brien’s black Trek bicycle, valued at $600, was stolen from outside her unit at Montauk Shores condominium.

Sag Harbor

Wayne Hopson, a driver for Hometown Taxi, and three men getting out of the taxi had a verbal dispute over the fare at around 4 a.m. on Sept. 4 as four new customers were getting in. As a result, a flower pot was hurled at the back window of the taxi, smashing it.


Michelle Newman of Woodbine Drive had an envelope containing $120 removed from her 2002 Jeep early on  the evening of Sept. 4, while parked in front of Wolfie’s Tavern. She had left the envelope on the passenger seat but had locked the car, she told police, explaining that she had met two friends at Maidstone Beach before going to the bar and had given her keys to one of them, who was going to put a bottle of wine in the car. Questioned by police, the friends said they had not taken anything and that Ms. Newman had been standing by her vehicle with the passenger door open while talking to some people when they left the bar.

Mary Ahlstrom of Three Mile Harbor-Hog Creek Road told police that at some point during the night of Sept. 2, her mailbox, valued at $100, was vandalized. It was the third time this month.

Martin Gatti of Sycamore Drive discovered that at some point last week somebody had been on his property, gone into the outdoor shower, which has a door, and emptied all the shampoo bottles. No other damage was reported.


Bill Williams, who watches David Wilson’s Main Street property, told police on Aug. 23 that someone had stolen six copper gutters from the house, valued at $2,000, as well as a snow blower and a power washer from a shed.