One of the coolest spaces on the East End
Conrad de Kwiatkowski’s small basalt objects are placed on a Joris Laarman bronze etagere, with the Aymara weavings he has collected over the years hanging behind them.

In East Hampton
The Neave Trio Mark Roemisch

Local Art News

At the Southampton Cultural Center

“I got a camera, went down to London, and just started shooting things.”
Steve Joester, in his Water Mill studio‚ found a new mode of artistic expression through mixing his old photographs from the 1970s and 1980s with silkscreen, street art, and his own expressionistic use of color. Jennifer Landes
An icon of punk rebellion, Sid Vicious was already “just so out of it” when Steve Joester took photos of the Sex Pistols in the 1970s, one of which is now a silkscreen he uses for his artworks.

Mr. Merat has fully immersed himself in Brel and his music
Alfredo Merat is creating a theatrical event based on the life of Jacques Brel, a Belgian singer, songwriter, and actor.

Capturing big personalities on film
“Andy Warhol & Jean-Michel Basquiat #1,” from 1985, is part of a retrospective exhibition of Michael Halsband’s portraits on view at the Southampton Arts Center. ­Michael Halsband Photos
In 1982, Mr. Halsband captured Louise Nevelson, the groundbreaking 20th-century sculptor, in SoHo when she was in her 80s.
The Lunachicks, photographed in 1995, are one of several bands he has captured throughout his career.
Keith Richards, Los Angeles, 1981
Olivia and Savannah, 2010
This portrait of Andy Warhol was taken in New York City in 1980. Michael Halsband Photos
Mr. Halsband took this image of Klaus Nomi, a German singer who loved spectacle and theatrics, three years before Nomi died of AIDS in 1983.
On tour with the Rolling Stones in 1981, Michael Halsband got this candid shot of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards backstage in Philadelphia.

The concert will feature a medley of carols from the Hispanic world, as well as traditional carols that will provide the audience an opportunity to sing along
The Choral Society of the Hamptons at their 2014 winter concert Durell Godfrey

Art works on the road for years now back in East Hampton
Jane Wilson’s “Water Mill Fog” is from the painter’s transitional period between realism and abstraction.

Pilobolus and the late author and illustrator Maurice Sendak
Mirra Bank’s documentary “Last Dance” examines the collaboration between the modern dance company Pilobolus and Maurice Sendak to interpret and depict the Holocaust.