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“Young America: Roy Lichtenstein and the America’s Cup,” opens on Friday, May 26, at the Middlebury College Museum of Art in Vermont
Few people know that Roy Lichtenstein designed a boat for one of the teams in the 1995 America’s Cup sailing competition. The spinnaker, on the boat above, was raised once before disappearing. The artist, below, nicknamed the mermaid he placed on the prow Dorothy. Theodore Bogosian/Reflections on a Mermaid
The Middlebury College Museum of Art exhibition will feature the hull that Roy Lichtenstein designed, above, along with the scale model he worked on in his studio and a model of his spinnaker, below, which is now lost.c3

“Crowning of Mercy,” an 1869 Hubbard Latham Fordham allegorical painting
Hubbard Latham Fordham’s “Crowning of Mercy,” called a “splendid example of high Victorian idealization,” was found in an attic closet at the Sag Harbor Historical Society. The woman who served as the model for the painting (left) was Emily Fairchild Fordham Keese.

The story of Youssef, an Egyptian surgeon who arrives in London at the play’s beginning seeking a new life
The four actors in “Angry Young Man” portray the same character, Youssef, as well as all the other characters in the play. Kneeling, left to right: Christopher Daftsios, Max Samuels, and Rami Margron. Standing: Nazli Sarpkaya. David Rogers

Tours, exhibitions, and performances this weekend
Aneta Panek Alchemy of Punk

Baba Israel, an artist, producer, and educator, will lead a group comprising Ada Rovatti on saxophone, Bill O’Connell on piano, Santi Debriano on bass, and Claes Brondal on drums
Baba Israel, a rapper, producer, and educator Joel Chester Fildes

At The Old Whalers Church in Sag Harbor