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“I’ve always loved surrealism and landscapes along with the ocean. I guess the strange characters are my creative outlet.”
When Peter Ngo is not at the John Varvatos store on Newtown Lane, he might be jetting off to Los Angeles, Detroit, or Milan for a company event. His paintings mix moody landscapes and seascapes with surrealist imagery, as seen below. Durell Godfrey
Peter Ngo and his date, S. Jessie, right, hung out with John Varvatos and Marilyn Manson at a Ringo Starr concert in Los Angeles.

In 2012, Christine Vachon was invited to bring her master class in independent filmmaking to the Stony Brook campus
Tonilyn Sideco, a Stony Brook M.F.A. student, set up a shot, while Jennie Allen, an instructor, looked on.
Christine Vachon, director of the Stony Brook M.F.A. program in film, and Robert Reeves, associate provost of the Southampton graduate arts campus
Stony Brook students filmed at Conscience Point in North Sea in fondly remembered temperate weather.
Cinematographer Richie Duque films Actor/Writer/Director Danielle Bellucci at Conscience Point.
David Hinajosa, head of development at Killer Films, Christine Vachon, and Magdalene Brandeis at Sundance.
Julianne Moore at the Golden Globes
Film Students Alexandra Stergiou, left, and Jason Evans, right, working on a short film last summer
Christine Vachon, Magdalene Brandeis, Simone Pero, and Killer Films Co-Founder Pamela Koffler.

"We were lucky that at a point in our lives all this came together.”
Sarah and John Turnbull enjoyed a break in winter’s weather outside their house in Bridgehampton. Morgan McGivern
“Chaos”, left, is one of Sarah Turnbull’s ceramic “anemones.” Her structural pieces, right, are architectural in character. Gary Mamay Photos

Six weeks of activities to keep even the most astute aficionado of cultural events busy and sated
A scene from "John," a National Theatre Live presentation coming up at Guild Hall. Laurent Philippe
Linda Capello will teach a figure drawing class at the Parrish Art Museum beginning in January.Linda Capello
Jack Larsen will speak at the Parrish Art Museum on Friday, Jan. 16 at 6 p.m.Durell Godfrey
"Time Stands Still," a play about journalists affected by the Iraq War will open Thursday at the Hampton Theatre Company in Quogue.Tom Kochie
Nancy Atlas will once again take over Bay Street Theatre on Friday nights this winter with her Fireside Sessions, which welcome guest musicians to play with her and others.

Transformation Informed by a Minimalist Sensibility
The house was extended to the rear, and the attic was removed to allow the second-floor master bedroom to soar behind double-height windows. Durell Godfrey
Views of Congress Hall from Main Street before and after reconstruction give no indication of the scope of the changes.Don Ashby and Durell Godfrey Photos
A sleek kitchen with a glass island replaced a narrow, old-fashioned one, which had been added to the original house.Durell Godfrey
The L-shaped pool has a “beach entry,” a stone patio that slopes gradually into the water. Durell Godfrey
The master bedroom reflects the Ashbys’ modernist sensibility.Durell Godfrey
Original posts and beams are revealed in a series of cutouts in a walDurell Godfrey
The black ceiling of the sitting room reflects the floor-to-ceiling windows, making the interior seem twice as tall. Durell Godfrey
An original post and beam bisect an otherwise updated living room. The original fireplace was retained. Durell Godfrey
The house was lifted to allow an 11-foot-deep foundation and living space in a new lower level.Don Ashby
The old staircase and the back of the original brick fireplace were retained in an otherwise renovated center hallway. At right: A photograph taken during the reconstruction dramatizes the conjunction of old and new framing. Don Ashby