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Carol Steinberg has represented clients in the city and on the East End for the past 23 years
Carol Steinberg in her Springs office Durell Godfrey

Her path to a life as an artist has been a winding one
Lucy Winton in her Wainscott studio with “Sneak Out No. 4,” in which she appears to be crawling through a nocturnal war zone. “Adorable Jungle,” above, contains various creatures, and, faintly visible, a drawing of Mickey Mouse’s hand. Mark Segal
"Bull and Donkey," 2012.

“the hook for my show is the history of magic. I’m an academic at heart.”
Allan Zola Kronzek’s study was jam-packed with books on magic and jazz CDs, a reflection of two of his passions. Mark Segal

Silas Marder, known to many for his gallery and the design and administrative responsibilities at Marders Garden Center, will take his creative approach to furniture design and expand it to lawn games and exterior and interior rooms.
Above is a sitting garden he made with salvaged driveway edging. The Chatting Bench, below, was designed for conversation between sitters or around them.
The Ping-Pong 3000 table has its own rules.

“Womanhouse,” an all-female exhibition steeped in the history of feminist art
Eric Firestone took a moment to reflect during the installation of his “Womanhouse” exhibition last week. Jennifer Landes

Geoffrey Drummond has trained his sights on something new in the past year: Stony Brook Southampton’s innovative Food Lab
Geoffrey Drummond has surfaced on the Stony Brook Southampton campus as the executive director of Food Lab, which will hold its first conference beginning June 5. Jennifer Landes

Kathryn Lynch paints recognizable things, and she always has. “I never switched styles — I need to hook onto reality.
Kathryn Lynch has completed a multitude of small paintings since she moved into her Red Hook studio in September. Mark Segal
Coecles Harbor is one of the Shelter Island locales that Kathryn Lynch has painted while summering there.

Since 2007 the Pelletreau Silver Shop has been the workplace of Eric Messin, a master silversmith and jeweler
Eric Messin acknowledged a visitor while working on a gold ring for clients in Georgia. Mark Segal