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“Young America: Roy Lichtenstein and the America’s Cup,” opens on Friday, May 26, at the Middlebury College Museum of Art in Vermont
Few people know that Roy Lichtenstein designed a boat for one of the teams in the 1995 America’s Cup sailing competition. The spinnaker, on the boat above, was raised once before disappearing. The artist, below, nicknamed the mermaid he placed on the prow Dorothy. Theodore Bogosian/Reflections on a Mermaid
The Middlebury College Museum of Art exhibition will feature the hull that Roy Lichtenstein designed, above, along with the scale model he worked on in his studio and a model of his spinnaker, below, which is now lost.c3

An eclectic body of work ranging from delicate wire-and-plaster constructions to ellipses, drawings, collages, totems, and a variety of other objects
Mark Webber’s work in progress, seen here in his woodworking studio in Wainscott, is the largest of his signature “portals.” Mark Segal
Mark Webber’s drawings are built up in layers, with parallel lines often floating above solid forms.
This 2015 sculpture of copper wire, papier-mâché, and black paint reflects a departure from the solidity of his portals and ellipses.

No-frills theater, par excellence
“The Impossibility of Now,” a play by Y York and read by Jenny Bacon, Daniel Abeles, and Karl Kenzler, was one of four presented as part of the Bay Street Theater’s New Works Festival last weekend. Michael Heller

“The Arctic Melt: Images of a Disappearing Landscape."
Above, Diane Tuft has been photographing the Arctic landscape since 2001. Below, “Transition,” Franz Joseph Land, Northern Barents Sea Angela Jones and Diane Tuft Photos
Above, “Broken Arches,” and below, “Ultraviolet Shapes,” both from Disko Bay, Greenland,Diane Tuft Photos

Members of Guild Hall’s Academy of the Arts agreed to act as jurors for four categories: literary arts, visual arts, performing arts, and curatorial or critical studies
Standing, left to right: Walter Price, visual artist, Andrea Grover, Guild Hall’s executive director, Tanya Gabrielian, performing artist, Judson Merrill, literary artist, Michele Cohen, chairwoman of the Museum of Arts and Design, Lucia Davis, curatorial/critical studies, and Eric Fischl, president of the Guild Hall Academy of the Arts. Seated: Martin Cohen, chairman of Guild Hall, and Lydia Hicks, visual artist. Durell Godfrey

Alec Baldwin looks inward in his new memoir
Left, Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan in the 1990 film "The Hunt for Red October"
Alec Baldwin with his sister Beth and their Easter baskets around 1961.Photos Courtesy of Alec Baldwin

“The landscape was bleak. I thought everything good that could happen would come from spring.”
Eric Dever’s new series of work, examples of which hang in his Water Mill studio, may be surprising to those who know him from his series painted only in tones and hues of red, white, and black. Laurie Lambrecht

Wainscott Main Wine and Spirits offers 20 workshops a year, most of them devoted to wine and winemaking
At Wainscott Main Wine and Spirits, Chimene Macnaughton practiced what she preaches: “Tasting is a really great challenge to the senses.” Craig Macnaughton
Bryan Tierce discussed the finer points of tequila and mescal during a recent workshop at Wainscott Main Wine and Spirits. Mark Segal

Another life in front of the camera as a model with the Wilhelmina and Ford agencies
Joanna McCarthy, below, photographed this bison roundup in South Dakota as part of her “Americana” series. Joanna McCarthy and Eric Meola Photos
Taken in the Pacific Northwest, this photograph combines two of Joanna McCarthy’s favorite subjects, old trucks and old barns.
Because of the condensation through which she was shooting in late March, “Greenhouse Pansies” has the look of a painting.

The sultry voice and vintage jazz of Vanessa Trouble
Vanessa Trouble is a regular performer at Pierre’s restaurant in Bridgehampton. She will sing vintage jazz there on Tuesday and several nights next month.