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Part of East Hampton Bowl's roof collapsed under the weight of the snow. Morgan McGivern

Schools closed, driving banned, as Juno’s snowfall breaks historic records
A few intrepid surfers, Grant Monahan, Travis Beckmann, and Nick Joeckel, trudged through thigh-high snow in Montauk Tuesday to take advantage of the massive waves that accompanied this week’s blizzard. James Katsipis
On Monday afternoon, an East Hampton plow driver fueled up in preparation for a long night on the road. Morgan McGivern
Plowing was only the first step. After East Hampton Village streets were cleared for travel, trucks and payloaders worked yesterday to cart away huge piles of snow from the middle of roads and public parking lots. Morgan McGivern
Marshall Prado’s Marshall and Sons in downtown Montauk was open on Tuesday and doing a brisk business pulling cars from deep snowdrifts, Mr. Prado said. T.E. McMorrow
The Stephen Talkhouse on Amagansett’s Main Street was silent as snow accumulated Tuesday morning. The live-music venue, which has been closed since early this month, will open for a few special events in February. Christopher Walsh
Despite fears about what the storm’s big waves and high winds would do to coastal areas, Montauk’s ocean-facing beaches escaped the worst. T.E. McMorrow

Main Street in East Hampton Village was cleared for drivers by Wednesday morning. Taylor K. Vecsey

A Mack trucks on Dunemere Lane in East Hampton Village carted away snow on Tuesday morning. Morgan McGivern

T.E. McMorrow
T.E. McMorrow
T.E. McMorrow
The beach at the Royal Atlantic MotelT.E. McMorrow
T.E. McMorrow
T.E. McMorrow
Surf Taxi, driven by Leo Almonte, the company owner, seemed to be the only taxi still riding around Tuesday. T.E. McMorrow
The Beach House HotelT.E. McMorrow
The Montauk Market was still buried by snow on Tuesday afternoon.T.E. McMorrow
Downtown MontaukChris Behan

Cranberry Hole Road in Amagansett Tuesday morning David E. Rattray
David E. Rattray
David E. Rattray

Before the blizzard hit the South Fork, people in East Hampton were stocking up on supplies. Durell Godfrey
Highway department workers fueled up ahead of the big storm.Morgan McGivern

King Kullen in Bridgehampton was packed with people on Sunday, who were buying supplies such as snow shovels in preparation for a blizzard forecast to begin on Monday. Jennifer Landes

At forum, a call for stronger programs
“There’s a problem,” said Tom Cooper, a parent. “We want it addressed now, so when our middle schoolers are coming up, we will have strong programs.” Morgan McGivern

John O'Brien won the Bridgehampton fire commissioner seat by 32 votes in a do-over election Tuesday night. Taylor K. Vecsey