Gustavo Gomez, left, and Liz Tatiana Tucci, right, are taking legal action against the Springs School District, claiming they have been subject to discriminatory labor practices. Christine Sampson

1937 - Jan. 25, 2016
Michael Kennedy, 1937 - Jan.25, 2016
Priscilla Rattazzi

Only a matter of time
During last weekend’s flood tides, Little Reed Pond in Montauk, normally a mere puddle, was full to the brim. Victoria Bustamante

Julie Lofstad will fill a vacancy on the Southampton Town Board after winning a special election on Tuesday. Julie Lofstad campaign

A tree landed on a Jeep in East Hampton during the storm Saturday, and then a Jeep landed in Mecox Bay near Scott Cameron Beach in Bridgehampton Sunday as the occupants were checking out the beach after the storm. Luis Bahamondes/Johnathon Duran
A Jeep was pulled out of the bay by a payloader after the occupants were safely rescued Sunday afternoon.Joey Hernandez

Hydrants should be cleared of snow at least three feet all the way around. Taylor K. Vecsey
A cleared hydrant means firefighters can get hooked up to water faster. Taylor K. Vecsey