Carl Darenberg, seen here in 2008, was found dead in Montauk Harbor on Monday morning. Janis Hewitt

An East Hampton Village police officer handed Matt Agudo his lens cap after an alleged scuffle with Alec Baldwin. T.E. McMorrow

Leander Kobolakis was released on bail after he was charged with two counts of rape.

Janis Hewitt
James Katsipis
An aerial shot taken by a drone shows the lineup in front of the former East Deck.Ed Patrowicz
James Katsipis
James Katsipis
Ed Patrowicz

Kim Winslow entertained partygoers with fantastical bubbles of extraordinary shapes and sizes. Durell Godfrey
A very tall Lisa Lou, left, juggled, balanced on a ball, and did lasso tricks. Tanya Turgeon juggled before climbing up on stilts of her own.Durell Godfrey
Instead of the big top, Mary Jane and Charles Brock's house and garden were the backdrop on Sunday. Durell Godfrey
Philippe Petit, a high-wire artist known for his 1974 walk between the Twin Towers, with Mary Jane Brock, Rick Mayberry, the circus's chairman, Dee Mayberry, and Kathy O'DonnellDurell Godfrey
That guy? Kim Winslow is on the left; Peter Strauss, a k a Dr. Petey, is on the right with his extendable tickling feather.Durell Godfrey
Tanya Turgeon led a group from the Brocks' house to Guild Hall.Durell Godfrey
Dr. Petey greeted kids outside Guild Hall.Durell Godfrey
Watch out audience, Francesco (Francis Brunaud), just might ask one of you to don a veil and bells or do a silly dance. He is back with the Big Apple Circus this year after previous shows in 1999, 2002, and 2006.Carissa Katz
Left, the ringmaster, John Kennedy Kane, stood by as Tatevik Seyranyan got ready for a daring rolla bolla balancing trick; at right, the Anastasini brothers juggled . . . each other. Carissa Katz

Barry Raebeck, left, and Tom McNiven displayed a image showing flight paths over the East Hampton Airport. Morgan McGivern

Instructor left paralyzed after accident
Chris Scott, seen here with his sister, Charlotte Scott, was paralyzed from the neck down in a skydiving accident last month. His friends are raising money for his long-term care. Scott Family

16 parcels, vacant and developed, are on list