Animal disease center envisioned as site for renewable energy research
Nearly 20 people testified on Monday to the importance of preserving Plum Island and protecting it from development during a public hearing at Brookhaven Town Hall. Christine Sampson

‘Things haven’t been good,’ says Nat Miller
Stephanie Forsberg and Stephen Lester, East Hampton Town trustees who have missed a number of meetings over the past year, are not seeking re-election this fall.

Officials consider mental health screening for teens
Valinda Valcich of Montauk has founded the Tyler Project to raise awareness and prevent suicides among young people. Durell Godfrey

Fire marshal, code enforcement officer, and three cops could be hired
East Hampton Town police worked with other law enforcement agencies in a townwide effort to nab drunken drivers in July.The town's tentative budget provides money to hire three more police officers, a code enforcement officer, and another fire marshal. Doug Kuntz

Rain is on its way and sunshine isn't expected until Tuesday. Durell Godfrey

The F.B.I. arrested Ana P. Leon at this house on Sycamore Drive in Springs on Tuesday. T.E. McMorrow

Students raised their pinwheels in the air at the John M. Marshall Elementary School field on Friday to celebrate the International Day of Peace Carissa Katz
Carissa Katz
The school's music teacher, Gregory Butler, led teachers and students as they sang songs about peace.Carissa Katz
Carissa Katz
The wind cooperated nicely for the Pinwheels for Peace celebration on Friday.Christine Sampson
Carissa Katz

Christopher Walsh

Dems cite progress while Repubs lament delays
Members of the East Hampton Town Board and candidates for their seats participated in a debate hosted by The Star and the East Hampton Group for Good Government on Saturday. Morgan McGivern

Needed help 26 percent of the time in year past