White’s Building Is on the Block

The building at 81 Main Street, home to White’s Pharmacy for almost 140 years, is listed at $7.75 million with Devlin McNiff Halstead. Morgan McGiven

    “The first thing to make clear is that White’s is going nowhere,” said Hal Zwick, the Devlin McNiff Halstead Properties broker who recently listed the building at 81 Main Street, home to White’s Pharmacy since 1873, for $7.75 million. “The business is going very strong,” Mr. Zwick said.
    Still, it is the first time the building has been for sale since being purchased by Bradley Marmon in 1954. Elise Marmon can still be seen there almost daily — she’s the cosmetics buyer for the store, which was sold to Vincent Alibrandi in the past decade. The Marmon family still owns the building which, in addition to the over 3,000 square feet of retail space on the first floor, also boasts 1,600 square feet of basement, and two upstairs apartments. Ms. Marmon had not returned calls as of press time.
    “Vinnie is thinking about possibly relocating,” Mr. Zwick said. “We have a couple of possible spaces for him already.” The listing brochure for the property states it could be delivered empty by this spring.
    There is also an option for someone to rent the space, at $375,000 a year. Taxes for the property are listed as under $13,000.
    But fans of Mr. Alibrandi need not panic, Mr. Zwick said. “Under Vinnie’s ownership, White’s will be in East Hampton for at least another 15 years,” he said.


Let me get this straight, Property asking price $7.75 million and the taxes are under $13,000 a year. Whats wrong with this picture!!!
As a member of the White family it is a little disheartening to read that the building is being sold, but more so, that there could be a possibility that the name "Whites Pharmacy" may disappear. That building and that store front is such an East Hampton icon, and my relatives (grandfather and uncle) would be spinning were this to become a CVS or what have you. My father, uncle and aunt grew up in this place, and my uncle Bill sold the place to Brad in 1954 as the story says. It has been resold, and the interior and the concept inside has changed a lot from when I was a kid (now 64). But "Whites" has been there for such a long time - even though the connection to the actual White family has long since dissipated, it is nice for those of us who are part of the family know that the remnant of our family history still survives. Especially at that place. I hope that the assurances of the buyer are real.
Oh Lord, our poor town. I don't deny that tourism helps our community, but does our village have to become completely vapid to appeal? At the age of 25, I wonder when in my lifetime the pendulum will swing back.
Almost 8 million for the Whites building is hilarious! It's just maddness. It will go the way of the Snow Flake.