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The Star outshines all other paid newspapers in market penetration — reaching 51 percent of the readers in East Hampton Town, two and a half times the reach of The New York Times and more than three times Newsday — and at a fraction of the cost.

Manhattan Home Delivery — Our delivery system guarantees Manhattan residents their Star by 7 a.m. Fridays — just in time for weekend visitors to see your ad before spending their time (and money) in the Hamptons.

The East Hampton Star will deliver your message to these residents of upscale neighborhoods in a less-cluttered, more finely targeted advertising environment.


The Hamptons are home or second-home to active, affluent, and highly visible leaders of the design, fashion, film, theater, literary, media, political, and art worlds. Many who have made their names in the spheres of architecture, advertising, real estate, government, and global business also call the South Fork home.

Whether they frequent the first-class restaurants, endless benefit galas, art galleries, polo matches, the Hampton Classic Horse Show, and elegant yachts or choose to relax by the pool, ocean, or bay, everyone keeps up with what’s happening through The East Hampton Star, an uncommonly sophisticated weekly in keeping with its audience.

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East Hampton Star Building

is the only local paper that
in the Hamptons.

What does PAID CIRCULATION mean?
It means that people PAY to read the Star each week. Over 13,000 subscribers read the Star each week - and many more pick up their copies at better local shops.

30,000 people per week read the Star.
People like to share the best with their friends, and the Star is no exception.
Industry studies have shown that for each copy of any publication distributed, an average of three people actually read it. Here's the math: 13,000 x 3 = 39,000 — that means over 30,000 people per week read the Star.

The Star has proven the test of time.
The Star has been published continuously since 1885.
Others have come and gone, but The Star has, and always will be, the Newspaper of Record for East Hampton.