Although the events in this story took place some time ago, the heart still wants what the heart wants, so in the history of passion, nothing has changed.

Zephyr Rafferty snapped a six-foot switch in two across his knee and threw one half of it across the barnyard. His ancient mutt Misty got up with a hitch in her gait, loped, then attempted a leap in the air. She missed it by a few feet and landed less than gracefully.

Bevel staked a claim to his customary spot on the platform by placing his right penny loafer on the “W” of the Watch-the-Gap sign because that’s where the train door always landed. He’d be the first to board the lead “quiet” car, and sure to get his regular window seat on the sunny side, facing backwards in case of sudden stops.
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It happened most recently when she bought a round of drinks for six people who claimed they knew the owner. “It’s our pleasure,” Jasmine announced, setting down each martini and backing away with a flourish of the hand. She felt powerful, endorphins surging. There was no better feeling than riding out a good instinct. Except she hadn’t cleared it...

One summer in Montauk I met a really nice kid named Ryan. We were instant best friends. He was an awkward, gangly guy. At the age of 12 or 13 he was already over six feet tall. He could hardly keep up with his body.

Click here for part one of "Hamptons Hearthrob." Or start reading part two: Laney felt like hanging herself with one of the scarves in the pricey boutique at the polo field after she saw that she had left streaks of Red-Hot Hamptons...

Laney could be miserable. A nasty birthday was coming up. Couldn’t someone make them illegal? After all, they’re hazardous to your health and eventually they kill you. Add to that her daughter’s departure for the Peace Corps, then her husband’s announcement that he was in love with his cycling gal pal, Yi-Yi Fong. Laney had packed off to their...

Ritchie Stanton gave up his wife and three children for Lent. It was, so to speak, a kind of Easter surprise. He walked out on his 18-year marriage, his 49-year-old wife, two daughters, and one son, a worshipping son, by the way, who thought his father walked on water.