Get Ready, Prepare!

August 27, 1998

Even though Hurricane Bonnie will probably pass well off Long Island, officials have suggested some precautionary measures - now and throughout the hurricane season. Among them:

Stock up on batteries, flashlights, fuel, food, medical supplies, and have a battery-operated radio, with spare batteries, on hand.

If you have an electric water pump, fill spare containers with water for cooking and washing in case the electricity goes off.

If you use a portable generator, make sure your electrical supply is shut off, to avoid a power surge once electricity is restored.

Stay away from fallen wires.

Batten down loose items like outdoor furniture.

Secure Vessels

In addition, boat owners should secure their vessels.

The Star Island Yacht Club in Montauk reported yesterday that most boat owners there had chosen to double up their lines rather than haul their boats out in response to the high seas connected to Hurrican Bonnie.

"We're on hold," Carl Darenberg Jr. of the Montauk Marine Basin said yesterday. "We were hauling boats yesterday but they're procrastinating today. . . . If the storm does come this way, now there's no way you can get all the boats out in this harbor."

Sam Story of the Three Mile Harbor Marina in East Hampton said yesterday morning that he hadn't hauled any boats as yet but was "watching the Weather Channel."

"If it looks like it's going to come here we will begin to haul and batten down the hatches this afternoon," he said. "My own personal boat, I just tie it up real well, check that the insurance is paid, and go home."

Meanwhile, preparations of another sort were going on at surf shops around town.

"People are coming in and buying a lot of wax," Stuart Foley, the owner of the Air and Speed Boardshop in Montauk, said. "A lot of them are worked into a frenzy. . . . I'm seeing a lot of people who I haven't seen for a while. People who are coming to life."

"People are definitely fired up about it," agreed Jeff Esposito of Espo's Surf and Sport in East Hampton.