Manny Needs A Wig

July 17, 1997

Manny Quin, the wooden police decoy, has gone bald, a most unfortunate state of affairs for a mannequin. He looks the way he must have looked years ago when East Hampton Town police first unpacked him from his box, before he was issued a regulation blue uniform and cap.

Manny's smooth, round head, lolling back over the seat of his police car or propped thoughtfully up on one wooden arm, as it was when we spied him Sunday afternoon on Route 27, is a dead giveaway. One look at that bald pate and drivers zip on by, chuckling, no doubt, at the quaint ways of the natives.

Either give the dummy back his cap or get him a wig, preferably ash-colored. Oh, and open his car windows, too, before he spontaneously combusts in all this heat.