New East Hampton Board Majority Sworn In

(Jan. 1, 2009) Republican faithful and supporters of the three successful candidates who will be a town board majority from that party filled the East Hampton Town Hall courtroom Friday morning as Supervisor Bill Wilkinson and Theresa Quigley and Dominick Stanzione, who won seats on the board, were sworn in.

Each received a standing ovation with shouts and enthusiastic applause after Town Justice Lisa R. Rana administered their oaths of office, concluding each with a hug.

Mr. Wilkinson wished everyone in the standing-room-only crowd a happy 2010. "Thank you so much for participating in the mandate for East Hampton Town," he said.

He promised that as supervisor his door would be open to all. "We will be listening and taking in constructive comments," he said.

Ms. Quigley thanked "the Republican, Independent, and Conservative Parties for giving me the opportunity to run, and the voters of East Hampton."

But, she added, "Now that I am a town board person, there is no party. This is about working for the town of East Hampton and the people of East Hampton."

"I'm looking forward to serving," Mr. Stanzione said. "Bill's going to be a great supervisor, and Theresa, just a fantastic board member and colleague."

Town Clerk Fred Overton, Highway Superintendent Scott King, and Assessor Eugene de Pasquale, also took oaths of office Friday.

John Behan, the co-chairman of the Town Republican Committee, opened the meeting. "When we win in East Hampton, we all win," he said. He invited everyone to a reception at his Springs house following the meeting.

Other town officials will be sworn in and new personnel appointees announced at an organizational meeting on Monday at 10 a.m. at Town Hall.