The Clothes Order Changeth

October 10, 1996

   The process of turning the wardrobe over from summer to fall can be fraught with all sorts of dilemmas.
   There are questions of composition - will this year's new skirt look right with last year's cow "fur"-trimmed sweater? Is it okay to wear summer's highly popular crisp white shirt with autumn browns? Do tights under a summer dress make it acceptable for fall? What about plaid?
   There are also the issues of climate that are so prevalent among this season's fashion queries. Shorts or pants? Turtleneck or V-neck? Cotton or wool? Khaki or denim?
   In early October there's this deep need to stretch out the summer wardrobe until we're emotionally prepared to handle autumn. Coats are too foreboding, reminding us of impending snow. Sweaters let the breeze in and can be stifling when the sun's out.

Simple Solution

   There is one simple solution for the broader quandaries of the season - a good jacket.
   The weather report might be predicting a frost before fall clothes are even on the hangers, but with the right jacket to look forward to, the crisp mornings aren't so bad.
   Remember that soft suede jacket in the back of the closet? And the toasty warm plaid zip-up with leather on the elbows? The short trench that ties at the waist? The fleece pullover? The corduroy barn jacket? Ah, tweed.