Historical Society's Antiques Preview Welcomed Early Birds

Tamara Braverman and Richard Meier tried out some seating. Durell Godfrey

Early birds were welcome and found their prey at the East Hanpton Historical Society preview cocktail party on Friday night at Mulford Farm.

Celerie Kemble was the honorary chairwoman of the event, which allowed patrons first dibs on the annual show’s assemblage of art, antiques jewelry, and collectible objects. The show continued through the weekend, but by that time patrons such as Martha Stewart and Richard Meier had already had their pick of the lot.

This year, 55 antiques dealers participated, offering a wide range of items from several time periods. The proceeds from the cocktail party will benefit the historical society and its programs.

Joan McGivern, center, was on this year's designer's committee.Morgan McGivern
Martha Stewart had her summer whites on for the party.Durell Godfrey
The late evening light cast a glow and long shadows on the shoppers and revelers.Morgan McGivern
Jack Lasershon and Tiger Graham kept it short with their Hamptons men's evening uniform at the party.Durell Godfrey
Richard Louie and Tom Crane were the perfect accent for the blue-and-white ceramics behind them.Durell Godfrey
Celerie Kemble found a few treasures of her own at the show.Durell Godfrey
Patti McGrath, Linda Pennfield, and Jack McGrath Durell Godfrey
Gil Meister, Lynn Wright, Dorrian Fuhrman, and Doris MeisterDurell Godfrey
Stacey Stowe and William Raynor met up at the bar.Morgan McGivern