Armory Show Packs Them in on Saturday

Audrey Flack's sculpture, center and Julian Schnabel's "Malabaristas" were shown at Hollis Taggert's booth at the Armory Show on the piers. Jennifer Landes photos

     Despite a reported increase in "fair fatigue" among dealers and collectors and a warm sunny day outside, the Armory Show packed the piers on Saturday with long lines to get in and crowded aisles and booths all afternoon. There were 205 exhibitors spread among two piers with 146 in the contemporary section and 59 in the modern section.
     While few dealers in the contemporary section featured East End artists, the modern selection had a good representation, both past and present.
      A perennial fair favorite made more so by his recent traveling retrospective, Roy Lichtenstein was represented in multiple places with his large=format multiple prints, particularly works from his Interiors and Nudes series. The apparently latest darling of those looking for good work from relatively unknown practitioners of Abstract/Expressionism, Norman Bluhm was everywhere in the modern section this year and deservedly so. His work looked fresh and vibrant. James Brooks also popped up here and there.
     The celebration of women artists also continued at the fair with significant showings of works by Alice Aycock, Jennifer Bartlett, Lynda Benglis, Elaine de Kooning, Audrey Flack, Connie Fox, April Gornik, Mary Heilmann, and Toni Ross either in gallery booths or in a special section for works on paper called "Venus Drawn Out."
    The show will remain open until Sunday at 7 p.m.

Elaine de Kooning at Hollis Taggert
Norman Bluhm was a popular artist at the Modern section of the Armory Show with several works on view at different booths. Here are two at Jerald Melberg Gallery
Sean Landers added some wit to the Galerie Rodolfe Janssen booth with "Golden Section."
A work from Alice Aycock's "Sum over Histories" series at the Frederic Schnitzer Gallery booth.
Ross Bleckner, who had a show opening at Mary Boone's Gallery on Saturday evening, was represented at the Armory Show with an untitled work from last year at the Crane Kalman booth.
Saul Steinberg's "Ocean Parking" at the Danese/Corey booth
A maquette for Richard Serra's sculpture "SLAT" was available at the Senior & Shopmaker Gallery booth.
Lynda Benglis was featured in a special section devoted to female artists.
James Goodman Gallery offered a bit of cheese in the form of Roy LIchtenstein's "Collage for Three Swiss Cheese Doors."