Cruising Art Market Hamptons

The entry to Art Market Hamptons Morgan McGivern photos

Thursday night was the night to be in Bridgehampton. Long lines of cars snaked through the back roads and front roads around the Bridgehampton Museum and Nova's Ark where two annual art fairs have taken up residence for the next few days.

It was the opening night for both ArtHamptons and Art Market Hamptons and even those with black cards, VIP passes, or other bells and whistles on their forms of entry had a tough time negotiating parking.

Inside, however, all was lively and fun, as these photos of the Art Market Hamptons fair by Morgan McGivern demonstrate. 

Once again, the fair greeted opening night revelers with music "curated" by Norwood.
Anna Johnston at the Eric Firestone booth
Vered, who had been away most of this year marked her return with a stint in her gallery's booth.
Vered had a contemporary and modern booth at the fair.
Food at the fair was particularly important this year, with Brooklyn imports such as Roberta's Pizza in the garden.
The servers seemed to be having the most fun at the party.
Jello shots, a retro trash bar staple, had a comeback with an upscale presentation.
The scene in the tent
Stephanie Hunter and Jim DeProphetis had some interpretive fun with popcorn as the party got underway.