Dow Riding High at Vered

Elizabeth Dow caught up with Sam Panton at the opening of her show at Vered gallery on Saturday night. Morgan McGivern

     Elizabeth Dow, whose wall coverings and fabrics have been installed in the White House and in the private homes of Paul Simon, Harrison Ford, and Bill Gates to name a few, actually got her start as a painter and she continues in that medium to this day. Many of her recent works went on view at Vered Gallery in East Hampton on Saturday in a show called "Heaven" and will stay there until May 19.

     With several of her wall paper designs now in the collection of the Smithsonian, it is not surprising that her preferred support for her oil paint is paper. The absorptive quality of paper gives her paintings of nature a slight abstraction as the paint spreads out of defined lines. Laurie Anderson chose her work as part of the Parrish Art Museum’s recent “Artists Choose Artists” show.

     The artist said she works from photographs in multiple layers of color that may subsume her earlier layers. Images of water, trees, and sky dominate in landscapes that seem very familiar. The artist is a full-time resident of East Hampton.

The painting "Still" is in the background of the main photograph.
An installation view of the workMorgan McGivern
Ms. Dow posed for another photo, this time with Kenny Wessberg on the right.Morgan McGivern
Kenna Panton, left, and a guest in front of one of Ms. Dow's water paintings.Morgan McGivern
"Ripple Effect" from 2013
In another part of the gallery Tim Okeeffe, Ferry Foster, and Janet Lehr stood in front of a Weegee composite distortion of Marilyn Monroe and Hunt Slonem's "Bunnies."Morgan McGivern
Damien Roman, an art specialist at the gallery and Meghan Musarra, a gallery associate, stood in front of an Eric Fischl work at the opening.Morgan McGivern