LongHouse Celebrates 'On Gossamer Wings' in East Hampton

The Brooklyn Peaches danced on the lawn . . .

Kiki Smith was the honored guest at Saturday night's On Gossamer Wings party at LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton.

Guests looked floaty and irridescent dressed in the mostly "billowy blacks and shimmery whites" as directed on the invitation. Entertainment was provided by the Brooklyn Peaches, who cavorted like nymphs in the gardens and then performed a synchronized swimming routine in the pool.

The auction included work by Ms. Smith and many other artists of local and international fame.

. . . before they entered the pool.
Barbara Zand, Mark Zand, Matko Tomicic, Janet O'Brien, Seeton Smith, Kiki Smith, Dianne Benson, and Lys Marigold
Jack Larsen and Eric Ernst
Ike Ude
Sue Felsher
Michele and Steve Pesner
Stephanie Beroes and Yuka Silvera
Gossamer shoes
Richard Meier