Spring Is the Thing on the Water's Edge Radio Hour

J. Kelly Caldwell provided the sound effects while Lucas Beck, Joshua Perl, and Molly McKenna read a baseball-themed skit for the sixth installment of the Water's Edge Radio Hour. Jennifer Landes photos

     If it is the first Thursday of the month, it must be time for “The Water’s Edge Radio Hour,” which is broadcast on WPPB on that day at 7 p.m. The variety program was conceived through the Hamptons Independent Theater Festival by John Landes, Joshua Perl, and Peter Zablotsky.

     This week’s episode, the sixth in the series, was taped on April 6 at the Bridgehampton Community House and has a spring theme, having fun with local concerns like potholes, the traffic uptick, and the new utility poles installed by PSEG. Also included in the mix are a riff on the local music scene, i.e. the open mike night at the “Ethan Talkhouse" and a rumination on what a visit to the South Fork by Yogi Berra might have been like as well as many other amusing and relatable takes on unique East End experiences and universal themes.

     Hosted by Mr. Perl, the skits and essays are interspersed with the music of Hopefully Forgiven, a duo consisting of Brad Penuel and Telly Karoussos. Lucas Beck, J. Kelly Caldwell, Rachel Feldman, Kathryn Lerner, and Molly McKenna round out the performers.

     If you miss it on the radio, the episode may also be downloaded as a podcast on peconicpublicbroadcasting.org. 

Brad Penuel and Telly Karoussos are Hopefully Forgiven, the house band for the Water's Edge Radio Hour.
The cast mimes a song parody in the "Ethan Talkhouse" open mike night sketch.
Joshua Perl, center, is the host of the program and also plays different roles in the skits. He also reads essays, such as "The Domestic God" from this episode.