'Under the Influence' at Ashawagh Hall

Rose Zelenetz, a sculptor, and Tracy Jamar, a fiber artist, attended the opening of "Under The Influence" at Ashawagh Hall. Morgan McGivern, photos

     Five South Fork artists took over Ashawagh Hall on Saturday and Sunday with their show "Under the Influence," insprired by their time as docents at the Pollock-Krasner House in Springs.
     Sara Coe, Pam Collins Focarino, Ruby Jackson, Tracy Jamar, and Rose Zelenetz took their theme both from the lasting artistic influence of Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner as well as the double entendre and its allusions to drinking, something else Pollock was famous for in his lifetime.
     The group exhibited together for the first time last year, after realizing their shared experience out of the studio might create visual affinities among their artwork. 

A sculpture by Ms. Zelenetz
Clothes and outerwear were lighter in weight and color than in previous weeks.
Some familiar and not so familiar repurposed objects made up Ruby Jackson's "Bar Scene."
Everybody got into the act.
Kristie Ortman and Jessica Evans made the rounds.
Paintings by Sara Coe
A painting caught in a glass orb
Tracy Jamar's fiberwork with shells and other pieces
Vodka and wine made for a convivial crowd and helped cement the theme of the evening.