Yagi's NAWA Axis for Peace at LongHouse

Mariyo Yagi, a longtime friend of Jack Larsen, brought the NAWA Axis for Peace project to LongHouse Reserve on May 31. Durell Godfrey

More than 50 participants helped create and erect a 30-foot column at LongHouse Reserve on May 31.

The NAWA Axis for Peace was the vision of Mariyo Yagi, a Japanese environmental artist. She worked with the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn to make the acres of fabric used to form tubes that were then twisted together by four groups of participants onsite at LongHouse.

NAWA has multiple meanings. In ancient Japanese it is the union of NA, which means you, and WA, which means I. For the artist, it symbolizes the binding together of diverse people to yield group strength and world peace, which is why it is called the Axis for Peace. In contemporary Japanese, it has the more literal meaning of rope.

When the 550-pound column was completed, the volunteers carried it to its site on the LongHouse grounds and erected it, where it will remain until 2017. 

More than 50 volunteers in four groups worked to twist the tubes of fabric into a rope bound around the column.Durell Godfrey
The artist observed and directed as the column took shape.Durell Godfrey
Once completed, the 550-pound column was carried to its site.Yuna Yagi
The column was set into the ground and slowly raised.Durell Godfrey
Ms. Yagi took in the completed column after it was raised.Durell Godfrey
A detail of the top of the column against the skyDurell Godfrey