Moby Project Surfaces at Mulford Farm

Jennifer Landes

         The Moby Project, a multimedia exhibition and happening, officially opened on Saturday at Mulford Farm in East Hampton and in conjunction with “Moby-Dick,” a related exhibition at Neoteric Fine Art in Amagansett.

            The shows riff on themes from Herman Melville’s classic novel “Moby-Dick,” and artists have responded to the text in various mediums such as sculpture, painting, performance, and installation.

            At Mulford Farm, Junko Sugimoto, a Japanese artist who lives in Brooklyn, has installed a complex paper sculpture in the barn, which cannot be disturbed structurally. Other artists who have site-specific work at Mulford Farm are Don Christensen, Judy Richardson, Dennis Oppenheim, Scott Bluedorn, Bonnie Rychlak, Brian Gaman, Steven B. Miller, Clayton Orehek, Hope Sandrow, Jon Bocksel, Joe Pintauro, and others. On Saturday,  Yves Musard presented an interpretive performance at Mulford Farm.

            At Neoteric, 18 more participating artists such as Sophia Collier, Peter Spacek, Charles Ly, Dalton Portella, and Scott Kelley will hang, place, or install work in the gallery, and Mr. Musard also performed at that venue's reception on Friday night.

            Neoteric’s show remains on view through Oct. 18. The Mulford Farm show runs through Oct. 6.

Junko Sugimoto, center, spoke with visitors at the opening in her immersive piece "Moby-Dick," made out of rolled printed paper hung with chicken wire in the barn as her young daughter looked on.Doug Kuntz
Even the farm's outhouse was co-opted as exhibition space, in this case for Judy Richardson's "Moby Boat," coated in wax and filled with wax-covered containers.Jennifer Landes
Janet Goleas, the curator of the installation, included her own piece inspired by the site and theme.Morgan McGivern
Yves Musard gave a performance piece during the opening based loosely on the text.Morgan McGivern
Joe Pintauro stood at the "mouth" of his photo piece mounted on vinyl and placed on one of Mulford Farm's buildings.Morgan McGivern
Taylor Rose Berry from BookHampton provided a table for those captivated by the show to return to the text and discover more material by and about Herman Melville.Morgan McGivern
Junko Sugimoto and Janet Goleas in the barnMorgan McGivern
The opening crowd milled about Joe Pintauro's photo piece, which can be seen from Main Street.Morgan McGivern
A Dennis Oppenheim video work from 1972 was inserted into a barn window.Jennifer Landes