Bits And Pieces 11.22.12

Local culture news

Best Play Ever
    The Naked Stage will give a free staged reading of “The Best Play Ever . . . Seriously!” by Mike Anderson on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at Guild Hall. It tells the story of Harris Fynneman, the local mailman and fool, who finds himself the writer of the greatest play ever after a night of debauchery. In disbelief, he retraces his steps to discover how he stumbled upon his genius. Isaac Klein is the lead performer, joined by Meghan O’Neill and Ted Schneider.
    The producers promise “something to offend everyone” in this jumble of “slapstick, Shakespeare, sodomy, strippers, suicide, Snuggles the Cat, and a lot of things that don’t start with ‘s.’ ”

Talkin’ Crossroads
    Crossroads Music will be at Guild Hall with Cynthia Daniels’ show “On the Air” at 7 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 30. She will host the WPPB broadcasters Bonnie Grice, Brian Cosgrove, and Ed German, as well as a variety of musical performers, to raise money for the public radio station and Guild Hall.
    Performers are to include the Kerry Kearney Band, Black & Sparrow (Klyph Black and John Sparrow), Miles to Dayton, the Black Petals, K-O-S (Keeping Original Sound), Darcy Fulder, Glenn Feit, Dick Johansson, Michael Pour, Alfredo Merat, the Ross Brazilian Jazz Quartet, the Jet Set Renegades, and Adam Baranello (featuring the A&G Dance Company).
    Musical direction will be by Randolph Hudson III, who will play guitar in the house band. The house band will also have Paul Gene on keyboards, Klyph Black on bass, Jack Marshall on violin, Paul Chapin on drums, and Abby Levin on other percussion. Tickets cost $20, $18 for members, and $10 for students.