Bits And Pieces 12.27.12

Local culture news

Festival Passes
    The Hamptons International Film Festival is offering its founders passes at reduced rates through the end of the year. The passes, which provide priority access to screenings, conversations, and other festival events are now $1,250, a 25 percent discount off this year’s rates.
    The pass also supports the festival’s programs throughout the year such as SummerDocs and special New York City screenings. Passes are available through the festival’s Web site, Purchases are tax deductible. Next year’s festival will be held over Columbus Day weekend from Oct. 10 to 14.

Center Stage Auditions
    Center Stage at Southampton Cultural Center will hold open auditions for Tina Andrews’s “Buckingham” on Jan. 5 and 6 at 1 p.m. at the Cultural Center on Pond Lane. Ms. Andrews, who wrote the film “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” and the miniseries “Sally Hemmings, An American Scandal,” will direct.
    Rehearsals will begin Jan. 19 and performances will be Feb. 1 through Feb. 10. The play is set in 1760 and dramatizes the real life family dysfunction of Princess Charlotte Sophia of Germany, who hid her Moorish skin tone under heavy white Elizabethan makeup in order to marry Britain’s King George III. The king did not discover her true ethnicity until their wedding night.
    The parts will include King George, the Earl of Bute, Duchess Elizabeth, Grand Duke Adolph Frederick, Lena Baptiste, Jon Baptiste, Lady Sarah Lennox, Johann Christian Bach, Wilhelm Albertina, and Lord Gregory. Scene sides and more information are available by e-mailing thetaogroup@ or