Council Has Sound Artist in Residence

   Leonardo Gala, a pianist, composer, and audio artist, will be the artist in residence for the East End Arts Council at its Riverhead grounds, through May 19. A variety of events are planned throughout his residency, all of which are free and open to the public.
Mr. Gala will share his 30 years of piano instruction, as well as his four decades of knowledge of the exploration of manual and digital composition. He will also share his studies of electronic music derived from travels around the world and work in New York City. Mr. Gala also creates film scores and composes music in various forms and formats for student and industrial films.
   According to Mr. Gala, “Every human being has the innate capacity to express their creativity. Music is the only art form that travels through time.”
   The East End Arts Council’s artist in residence program brings established and emerging artists of all disciplines to the East End to showcase their work and to provide opportunities for the community to learn through exhibits and lectures.