The Art Scene: 06.07.12

Local art news
Jason Willaford’s “In Business, for Small Business,” made from reclaimed vinyl billboards, is on view at Boltax Summer Project on North Ferry Road on Shelter Island. Jackie Black

New Drawing Room Site
    Emily Goldstein and Victoria Munroe have opened the Drawing Room at a new site at 66 Newtown Lane.
    Their first exhibition, on view through June 25, includes drawings, paintings, sculpture, and photographs by John Alexander, Jennifer Bartlett, Linda Etcoff, Sharon Horvath, Mel Kendrick, Laurie Lambrecht, Donald Sultan, Jane Wilson, and Jack Youngerman.
    The unifying theme is artistic responses to the depth and vitality of the natural world including direct observation, imagined landscapes, and deep engagement with raw natural materials, according to the gallery.

Artist Talk at LongHouse
    The LongHouse Reserve will pre­sent a talk with the curator and artists of its summer exhibition “Diversities of Sculpture/Derivations From Nature” on Saturday at 5:30 p.m.
    Bonnie Rychlak will be joined by four of the artists she chose for the show — Brian Gaman, Jene Highstein, Judith Shea, and Daniel Wiener — for a panel discussion of its themes and the artists’ working processes. Mr. Gaman and Mr. Highstein come from a strong geometric tradition of abstraction. Ms. Shea’s work is figurative and Mr. Wiener has an organic approach to abstraction. They will discuss the opposing and contradictory nature of their work, which is the theme of the show, and their own idiosyncratic practices.
    Tickets are $30 and $20 for members.

Twin Photography
    Kathryn Abbe and Frances Mc­Laugh­lin-Gill, identical twin sisters who both had careers in commercial and fashion photography, have published a book about their lives and work called “Twin Lives in Photography.”
    A film about them called “Twin Lenses,” directed by Nina Rosenblum, was shown at the Hamptons International Film Festival in 2008. The sisters both started out at Vogue and Ms. McLaughlin-Gill stayed, but Ms. Abbe went on to a freelance career with other publications such as McCall’s and Paris Match. Their first book, “Twins on Twins,” was published in 1980 and looked at the relationships of several sets of identical twins both visually and culturally.
Sky and Sea
    The Community Arts Project will present its first art show tomorrow and Saturday at the Springs Presbyterian Church. There will be a reception tomorrow from 5 to 8 p.m. Participating artists include Joan Tripp, Cynthia Loewen, Peter Gumpel, and Mary Milne. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the church.