‘Aging Magician’

At The Watermill Center

     “Aging Magician,” a new multimedia theater work about the journey of an elderly man to a Coney Island magic show, will be presented at the Watermill Center on Saturday at 4 p.m. With music composed by Paola Prestini, libretto and performance by Rinde Eckert, and design and direction by Julian Crouch, the production combines music, theater, puppetry, instrument making, and scenic design.

    The three created the work during their residency at the Watermill Center with students from the Park Avenue Armory Youth Corps, a program that provides opportunities for high school students to work behind the scenes at art organizations. “Aging Magician,” intended, in part, to acquaint students with themes of legacy and death, is part of a new partnership between the Watermill Center and the Park Avenue Armory’s artist-in-residence program. Admission is free, but reservations are required.