Speaking of Furniture

At Pritam & Eames

    Pritam & Eames in East Hampton will host a book signing of “Speaking of Furniture: Conversations With 14 American Masters” on Saturday from 3 to 5 p.m. Just published by the Artist Book Foundation, the book is based on interviews with 14 furniture designers by Bebe and Warren Johnson, the owners of Pritam & Eames, where all the artist-craftsmen have exhibited.

    Featured are James Krenov, Wendell Castle, Judy Kensley McKie, Thomas Hucker, Jere Osgood, Richard Scott Newman, David Ebner, Hank Gilpin, Alphonse Mattia, John Dunnigan, Wendy Maruyama, James Schriber, Timothy Philbrick, and Michael Hurwitz. An introductory essay by Edward S. Cooke analyzes the American studio furniture movement and places it in its historical context.