Barons to Head Moran Trust

An administrative consolidation

    Richard Barons, the executive director of the East Hampton Historical Society, has been named executive director of the Thomas Moran Trust following a vote in December. Joining him at the trust are new board members and a new chairman who are also with the historical society.
    Arthur Graham, who is president of the East Hampton Historical Society is now also chairman of the trust. In addition, those named to the trust’s board from the historical society are Maureen Bluedorn as secretary, Barbara Borsack, Bill Fleming, and Bruce T. Siska. Other new board members are Curt Schade as vice president, Alan Mitchell as treasurer, and Frank Newbold.
    While each entity will continue with its own identity and revenue stream, the administrative consolidation made sense from an economic standpoint, Mr. Barons said on Friday at Clinton Academy. Saving money on staff will allow the trust to make the most of the money the prior board and director have raised toward restoration and repair of the several buildings that make up the property, he said. He declined to say whether the changes signaled a lack of confidence in the previous management of the trust.
    The house is badly in need of repair and its second phase of work to begin restoration and important structural buttressing is now underway. Mr. Barons said windows and door are being restored and re-glazed, tarps have been put on the roof, the yard has been cleaned up, and mildew is being addressed. Some of the heating elements installed in the 1950s have also been taken out and other 20th-century additions that have no significance to the family or property will be removed.
    The trust recently received a $477,000 grant from the state, which in turn made it eligible for a matching grant of $250,000 from the Sylvia and Joseph Slifka Foundation.