They’ve All Got a Gig Somewhere

Variety will be key
Katherine C.H.E. has established the Hamptons Weekend Preview Show, which starts tomorrow at 5 p.m. at D’Canela restaurant in Amagansett. Christopher Walsh

    Katherine C.H.E., a local singer, songwriter, and musician, will launch the Hamptons Weekend Preview Show tomorrow from 5 to 7 p.m. at D’Canela restaurant in Amagansett. Musicians, dancers, and other performers will typically present a 10 or 15-minute set that might include information about when and where the audience can experience more.
    The show is intended not as an open mike-type event but as a means for local talent — and artists in town for a performance or visit — to preview their upcoming performances. For audiences, the show is a happy hour-type of experience, a way for those finishing work or just arriving for the weekend to enjoy food, beverages, and live music. The Hamptons Weekend Preview Show will happen weekly from 5 to 7 on Friday evenings. Admission is free.
    “There are so many great musicians in the area,” said the event’s producer. “There are so many ways that musicians are expressing themselves, but it’s either a show or open mikes and things that tend to be populated by musicians, onstage and in the audience. I thought that was kind of a shame, and wondered what we could do to draw in people who love music. These [performers] already have a stamp of approval — they’ve got a gig somewhere, it’s coming up. I think that can help people be more confident that they’re going to enjoy at least some of the music they’re going to see.”
    Performances will be largely pre­scheduled, but there will be room for spontaneity. With the combination of a thriving local music scene and an abundance of internationally known recording artists visiting or living in or near Amagansett, she said, anything is possible. “The [Stephen] Talkhouse is just steps down the road. I think there could be some interesting synergy with them. Most of the early gigs start at 8, so hopefully some musicians will stop by to warm up or something. We could get some real interesting folks to pop in.”
    Variety will be key. “I don’t want it to all be one genre of music, or even singers. I’m looking for it to be multidimensional: I hope to have fire dancers outside the window at one show. I hope to bring some of my jazz friends, maybe even musical theater excerpts, and really have it be a fair mix of what’s happening in the local music scene.”
    Crossroads Music, across the street in Amagansett Square, is sponsoring the event and will provide sound-reinforcement equipment for the weekly performances.
    Katherine C.H.E. herself, who is also a coach, healer, and author of “Be True Rich: 3 Keys to Live Your Good Life Now,” will be the Hamptons Weekend Preview Show’s first performer. “Nobody likes to be the opening act, so I’ll probably do that,” she said with a laugh, adding, “I hope people will sample the great food. They have wonderful Sangria.” She will also perform at a fund-raiser tonight for the Sag Harbor Food Pantry, at the Old Whalers Church.
    Artists interested in being part of the shows can contact the producer at