Moving-Image Art

A survey of recent developments in moving-image art
Ahmet Civelek’s “Self Portrait” is part of a survey of moving-image art co-presented by the Parrish Art Museum and the Hamptons International Film Festival tomorrow at the museum.

    “As the Eye Is Formed,” a survey of recent developments in moving-image art, will be screened at the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill tomorrow at 6 p.m. Peter Campus, a practitioner of video art, selected the 14 artists in the exhibition, which is co-presented with the Hamptons International Film Festival. Mr. Campus will introduce the screening.
    For the program, an open call was issued for movies under 15 minutes made by artists living in New York State. The selected artists are Aaron Bowles, Ahmet Civelek, Solange Fabiao, David Galbraith, Neil Goldberg, Theresa Hackett, Amber Heaton, Peter Macapia, Jason Mitcham, Alexandra Momin, Joe Nanashe, David Weiner, Roger Welch, and Sheri Wills.
    The title comes from a phrase by the poet William Blake: “As the eye is formed, so is its power.”
    As moviemaking technology evolves, so does the way we perceive and make meaning of moving pictures. According to Andrea Grover, the museum’s curator of special projects, “What constitutes a ‘movie’ is no longer stable or simple to define. The convergence of media in the 21st century and the rise of moving images on everything from billboards to computers and handheld devices has expanded the possibilities for artists working in moving-image art.”
    Tickets are $10, free for Parrish members, children under 18, and students with ID.