Parsing Einstein

The opera from its 1976 premiere to its 2012 restaging
Marc Robinson will discuss the hand gestures in “Einstein on the Beach,” seen here from a production in Toronto last summer. Lucie Jansch, Luminato

    On Saturday at 6 p.m. at the Watermill Center, Marc Robinson will trace the many variations and meanings of the small hand gestures that make up most of the action in the opera “Einstein on the Beach.” He will follow the opera from its 1976 premiere to its 2012 restaging, drawing on research from the Einstein archives at the Columbia University Library and the Byrd Hoffman Water Mill Foundation.
    He will also examine allusions by Robert Wilson of the Watermill Center to other works of art and products of mass culture. Mr. Robinson will be joined by Helga Davis, who is performing in the current world tour of “Einstein on the Beach.”