Buckingham” Opens

At the South­ampton Cultural Center

    Tina Andrews will bring her new production of “Buckingham” to the South­ampton Cultural Center for seven performances beginning tonight with a preview at 8 p.m.
    Ms. Andrews wrote the play and will also direct it. It “dramatizes the aristocratic intrigue, ethnic scandal, and family dysfunction in the life of Queen Charlotte Sophia who was forced to hide her Moorish features and skin tone under heavy white Elizabethan makeup before her arranged marriage to “mad” King George III,” according to the center. The ruse was not discovered until their wedding night.
    Ms. Andrews ran the play in Santa Monica under the title “Charlotte Sophia” and it was well received. It is based on her novel  “Charlotte Sophia: Myths, Madness and the Moor.” She also wrote the miniseries “Sally Hemings: An American Scandal,” which is based on her play “The Mistress of Monticello.”
    The play will open officially tomorrow at 7 p.m. and will also be performed Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2:30 p.m. It will also be presented next weekend. Tickets are $22 and $12 for students under 21 with a student ID with discounts for group sales. Tickets can be purchased at the door or through the center’s Web site, scc-arts.org. Ms. Andrews will discuss the play and take questions after tomorrow’s performance.