At LongHouse

Long House events

   LongHouse Reserve’s annual container invitational, “Planters: ON+OFF the Ground VI,” in which top landscape designers, artists, and other horticultural professionals compete to see who can create the most striking “container” of plant material, will open to the public on Saturday. Visitors may vote for their favorites for the People’s Choice Award starting at 2 p.m. This year’s judges, all of them well known in the field, are Tovah Martin, Paula Dietz, and Jack deLashmet.    
    Tomorrow at 5 p.m. at LongHouse Dan Farrenkopf of Lunaform LLC will speak about the steel-reinforced concrete planters, fountains, and basins that he makes in Sullivan, Me., in a lecture titled “The Art and Craft of Lunaform.”
    Lunaform Concrete Planters will be on exhibit at the Reserve throughout the summer season.
    Tours are now being given at LongHouse by cellular device. Visitors can listen to Jack Lenor Larsen’s narration as they stroll the grounds.