Surf Film at Solé

At Solé East on Second House Road in Montauk

   “A Hundred Miles to the End,” a film by John Beattie that captures surf culture from Long Beach to Montauk, will be screened at Solé East on Second House Road in Montauk on Sunday as part of Smash Fest 1, a series of happenings from Brooklyn to Montauk showcasing surf films and art.
    The film, which includes some of the area’s best surfers, follows Mr. Beattie, who suffered a debilitating stroke that denied him his own passion for the sport and lifestyle, as he visits surfing communities “to reconnect with his passion,” according to
    On Sunday, local musicians including Dalton Portella and the Montauk Project, and Oogee Wawa, a surf punk band from farther west on the Island, will play starting at 6 p.m. The screening will be at 8. Tickets cost $15 and can be purchased online at, with an additional fee, or at the door.
    SMASH FEST 1 is, according to the site, the “first profit-sharing surf film festival for independent filmmakers.”