Echo and Distortion

At The Watermill Center

    Performance holds the stage at the Watermill Center during the coming week. “My Voice Has an Echo in It,” a durational performance by Temporary Distortion, will take place Saturday from 2 to 8 p.m. Temporary Distortion is a New York-based group currently in residence at the center.

    “My Voice Has an Echo in It” features live music, text, and video. The performers are completely enclosed in a 24-foot-long, freestanding, soundproof box. Audience members, who may come and go as they please, watch through two-way mirrors and listen through individual headsets, while the performers see only their own reflections. A reception will take place throughout the day.

    The Open Program of the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards will be the subject of a lecture and demonstration Wednesday at 6 p.m., presented in partnership with LEIMAY, a Brooklyn-based arts collective and producing organization.

    The Workcenter was founded in 1986 in Pontedera, Italy, by Grotowski, who is considered one of the most important experimental theater practitioners of the 20th century. His collaborator, Thomas Richards, continued the center’s work after Grotowski’s death in 1999. After Mario Biagini, the associate director of the Workcenter, discusses its mission, there will be a performance of Electric Party Songs, a work that arose from an investigation of Allen Ginsberg’s poetry.

    Both programs are free, but reservations are required and may be made at