Mozart in Water Mill

At The Watermill Center

    Tilman Hecker, a resident artist at the Watermill Center, will present “Midnight,” a work in progress for video, light, and three performers, Saturday at 8 p.m. Though the project is inspired by Mozart’s musical scores, his music is not part of the event. Instead, the artists will visualize Mozart’s music through four elements: video, lighting, and the movement of two performers, which correspond to piano, voice, winds, and strings in Mozart’s compositions.

    Mr. Hecker was born in Karlsburg, Germany, in 1980 and studied architecture and theatrical production in Berlin and Paris. During his studies he worked with Robert Wilson and Achim Freyer as assistant director and collaborator. He made his directorial debut with Mozart’s “Mandina amabile” at Berlin’s Radial System V in July 2009.

    The performance is free, but reservations are required and may be made at