Writers and Artists

At The Barnes Landing Association meetinghouse in Springs

The Barnes Landing Association will hold its 13th annual Writers and Artists Showcase, in memory of Anna Mirabai Lytton, on Saturday from 2 to 3:30 p.m., at its meetinghouse in Springs. The event features the writing, artwork, and performance art of members of the community.

This year’s program will include readings from new writings by Hiroo Dickler Awano, Lisa Dickler Awano, Elena Lesser Bruun, Fran Castan, Ramesh Das, Edward Hannibal, Phyllis Kriegel, Kate Rabinowitz, Dee Slavutin, Carole Stone, Martin Tucker, and Francine Whitney. The visual artists Dave Bennett, Christopher Panczner, and Lewis Zacks will show and discuss their work. Melissa Biezin, a vocalist, and Gregory Lynch, a violinist, will perform.

The event has been renamed to honor Ms. Lytton, a beloved community member, local student, and young writer who was hit by a car and killed last summer in East Hampton. Anna’s parents will read a poem written by their daughter.