‘Voyeur’ in Springs

At the Parsons Blacksmith Shop in Springs

“Voyeur,” a production of the Neo-Political Cowgirls, will take place on five evenings beginning next Thursday at 7, at the Parsons Blacksmith Shop in Springs, across from Ashawagh Hall. Founded and directed by Kate Mueth, the company is dedicated to creating innovative dance theater that explores the female voice.

“Voyeur” is the story of a young girl, told through a series of short vignettes. Ms. Mueth calls the program an “inside-out” theater-art installation, as the action is watched through windows while the audience walks around the outside of the open theater.

Audience members pass through in small groups every 20 minutes; the last group sets off at 8:20. Tickets are $15, and picnics on the grounds are encouraged. The other performances are on Friday, Aug. 1, and on Aug. 2, 7, and 9.