The Bluffs Alive With Music for Montauk

Bringing world-class musicians to “the End” to perform creatively conceived programs in unconventional outdoor locales
Music for Montauk features thematic concerts with classical music chosen to suit the casual mood of summer and the outdoor settings. The weeklong event will begin on Sunday.

Beginning Sunday, the bluffs will be alive with the sound of music as Music for Montauk returns for a week of concerts under the direction of Lilah Gosman and Milos Repicky.

Since taking over the program a few years ago, the couple have brought world-class musicians to “the End” to perform creatively conceived programs in unconventional outdoor locales.

This year, the series will include four regular concerts and an “immersive musical experience” at a benefit event to be held at the Art Barge, on Friday, Aug. 25. The $150 Sunset Salon will include cocktails and light fare.

An evening of Mozart will be a highlight next Thursday with virtuoso soloists and a full-scale symphony near Third House at Montauk County Park. Mr. Repicky said in a press release that “Mozart’s music is perfect for Third House: It’s exciting, beautiful, playful, and dramatic all at once!” Annaliesa Place will play the Violin Concerto in A, with a lyrical tune and country-dance rhythms suited for the casual setting. Amanda Lynn Bottoms, a mezzo-soprano, will sing Mozart’s aria “Parto, ma tu ben mio.” Benjamin Fingland will perform Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto. Music for Montauk’s chamber orchestra will accompany the soloists and will perform Symphony No. 25 in G minor. The free concert will begin at 6 p.m. 

On Sunday, the performances kick off at Fort Pond House at 5 p.m. with “The Opening of the Wells.” The program was inspired by “a Moravian custom to celebrate the fresh flow of spring water in the new season.” The songs and instrumental solos chosen “evoke water nymphs and the magic of the woods under the weeping birch tree in the evening light.” Raquel González, a soprano from the Washington National Opera, will perform “Song to the Moon” by Antonin Dvorák. Paul La Rosa, a baritone, will join Ms. González, a female vocal quartet, and instrumentalists.

Tuesday’s Sole East performance will feature the Pedro Giraudo Tango Trio with Sofia Tosello. Mr. Giraudo is a Grammy Award-winning bassist, and his group includes Rodolfo Zanetti on bandoneón and pianist Emilio Teubal. With cocktails and dancing, tickets for the 8 p.m. event are $20 at the door or on the Music for Montauk website.

The series returns to Third House on Aug. 26 with a concert centered around Robert Schumann’s Piano Quintet in E flat major. The string quartet of Ms. Place, Joanna Maurer, Jessica Meyer, and Diego García will perform Giacomo Puccini’s “Crisamtemi” to open the program, which begins at 6:30 p.m.

Guests are encouraged to take picnics, chairs, and blankets to all of the free concerts, which are also family friendly. Tickets for the Sunset Salon at the Art Barge are available on the festival’s website.