Andrea Grover Signs up for the Rifkin Questionnaire

An interview of Andrea Grover
Ned Rifkin and Andrea Grover Ellen T. White

Ned Rifkin, a friend and mentor of Andrea Grover, interviewed her on Saturday at the Amagansett Library about her philosophy and vision for Guild Hall, where she is the executive director. He started off the exchange with a rapid-fire series of questions, presented here.

Q. Of these three artists [Matisse, Picasso, Duchamp], which do you like the best?

A. Duchamp.

Q. Which word do you like best, “analytical” or “pensive”?

A. Analytical.

Q. Which do you like best, poetry reading or reading poetry?

A. Reading poetry.

Q. Which do you like best, dance or dancing?

A. Dancing.

Q. Which do you like best, a good cry or a deep sigh?

A. A good cry.

Q. Which do you like best, sunrise or sunset?

A. Sunset.

Q. Which blue do you like best, cobalt or cerulean?

A. Cobalt.

Q. Which do you like best, avocado toast or huevos rancheros? [This was sort of an in-joke, since they have breakfast every couple of weeks, and they knew each other in Houston, where Ms. Grover directed the Aurora Picture Show.]

A. Avocado toast.

Q. Which do you prefer, watching or seeing?

A. Seeing.

Q. What is the most exhilarating experience you have ever had?

A. Polar plunge [a Jan. 1 dip in the ocean].

Q. Fill in the blank: I hope to __.

A. Write a book.

Q. __ is the most admirable person I have ever met.

A. Laurie Anderson.

Q. Your favorite season is?

A. Summer.

Q. Your favorite seasoning?

A. Turmeric.

Q. What books are you reading now?

A. Something by Neil Gaiman and also “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow” by Yuval Harari.

Q. What musical genre do you like best?

A.  Punk.

Q. What television program do you like best?

A. Reuters on Apple TV.

Q. If you had a dinner party, what living person would you want to invite?

A. Werner Herzog.

Q. What dead people would you like to invite?

A. Walter Hopps [the museum director and curator] and Marcel Duchamp.

The talk was part of the Art/History/Amagansett series organized by Ellen T. White. Mr. Rifkin is a former museum director and former undersecretary of the Smithsonian Institution.