Madoo Extends Annual Event to Two Weekends and Multiple Days

Ted Porter stood along side his purple martin condo, which won third prize in Madoo's birdhouse competition. Durell Godfrey

In case you missed it, Madoo Conservancy has been buzzing with activity for the past two weekends, all centered around Much Ado about Madoo, its annual garden market and auction, expanded to three days this year and held last weekend.

But it all began with a bird house competition on June 7. Houses were designed by area architects and judged in order to see which one would be auctioned in Madoo’s live auction on June 13. The others were part of an online silent auction held on Gavel & Grand. Lucas Cowart of Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects won the competition for his wren birdhouse.

Other winners included Workshop/apd for its tree swallow bird house, which won second prize, and Ted Porter for a purple martin condo, which won third prize. Honorable mention went to Damon Hamilton for Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects for a piping plovers.

The birdhouse competition was only one element of a weekend that saw a very busy market, a lively auction and preview party, and the opening of show of Robert Dash’s last artworks selected and installed by Robert Storr, the dean of Yale Art School and a longtime friend of the artist.

Scott Bluedorn and Kristen Miller enjoyed the Robert Dash exhibition during Much Ado about Madoo on June 14.Morgan McGivern
Mr. Porter, left, stood with the first prize winner Lucas Cowart and Damon Hamilton, who won honorable mention. They were joined by Alejandro Seralugui, the director of Madoo.Durell Godfrey
From left, Rebecca Costanzo, Jenny Kononenko, Ryan Vanderhovel, and Brad Smith were part of a team that designed the towhee house, which can be seen in the center.Durell Godfrey
Fernanda Niven and Nicky Goodman had fun with a ram during Much Ado. At the market, Merritt Piro and Phil Piro, her brother, introduced shoppers to their Captains Neck & Co. sodas.Morgan McGivern
Lucas Cowart with his winning birdhouse on June 7.Durell Godfrey