Book Markers 04.04.13

Local book news

Out of Alaska
    There’s more to Alaskan poetry than John Haines. Serge Lecomte, for one, who will read his work, including from his 2010 father-to-daughter collection, “Lauren at Two,” tomorrow starting at 6:30 p.m. at Neoteric Fine Art in Amagansett.
    As with the late Mr. Haines (who happens to have won a lifetime achievement award from the Library of Congress), Mr. Lecomte is an author of prose, too — for instance, another book that will be for sale at the gallery, “Letters of Misanthrope Dogood Goodman.” He has also been, according to a release, an “Air Force medic, insurance salesman, language teacher, house builder, gardener, bartender,” and, more expectedly, a poetry editor. The cost is $5, free for gallery members. Refreshments are in store.

Children’s Lit Fellows
    The deadline is April 15 to apply for acceptance into a new one-year creative writing program at Stony Brook Southampton focusing on children’s picture books on up to young-adult novels. “Courses, conveniently scheduled around your professional life, are led by the very authors whose books you read in your classroom,” says the college. The faculty includes Jim and Kate McMullan, Jules Feiffer, Emma Walton Hamilton, Meg Wolitzer, and Lou Ann Walker. Twelve applicants will be selected. Sixteen graduate-level credits are at stake. More information is on the college’s Web site.

Writers Riff
    The literary essay will get its due on Saturday by way of a panel of writers well versed in the form. “Living, Out Loud: Writers Riff on Love, Sweat, and Fears” brings, among others, David Bouchier, a commentator for NPR, Iyna Bort Caruso, who has won two Emmy Awards, and Claudia Gryvatz Copquin and Paula Ganzi Licata, both of whom have written for The New York Times and Newsday. At funky Canio’s Books in Sag Harbor at 5 p.m. they’ll read, gab, commiserate, and generally shed light on the nonfiction writing life.