Book Markers 06.13.13

Local book news

Real Estate Horrors — Aloud
    Don’t dare show your face in public? Have others show theirs. Anonymous x Two, the ladies who dished the dirt so hard on the real estate biz here they had to remain in hiding, are having a reading of their recent book, “The Hamptons Real Estate Horror Show,” on Saturday from 4 to 5:30 p.m. at the Springs Presbyterian Church.
    Bill Henderson of that hamlet, the master anthologist behind the Pushcart Press, will open and close the proceedings, which involve readings by a variety of friends, compatriots, and sympathizers, among them Judy Long, who is an editor at The Nation, Jackie Dunphy, and Leah Sklar. The event is free and promises copies of the book and refreshments in equal, copious measure.

Authors Night Tix
    Tickets have gone on sale for the East Hampton Library’s Authors Night, a gathering of more than 100 writers beneath tents on the library’s grounds — this year on Aug. 10. Prices range from $100 to $2,500 to attend one of the more sought-after dinner parties that follow the massive book signing and chat-fest.
    Among those attending are perennials like Jay McInerney and Nelson DeMille, new writers like Jessica Soffer (“Tomorrow There Will Be Apricots”), and a perhaps familiar face seen in a new light — Peter M. Wolf, who is soon to come out with a memoir, “My New Orleans, Gone Away.”