Book Markers 02.25.16

Local Book Notes

A New Place for Readings

First, Southampton Books, a spanking-new shop on Hampton Road in that village, was worth visiting for its rare books section, a rare thing hereabouts. Now comes the pull of author appearances — readings, signings, Q&A, you know the drill. The series opens on Saturday at 4 p.m. with Matt Marinovich and “The Winter Girl,” a psychologically rich tale of a disintegrating marriage, a dying S.O.B. of a father, an unnerving house next door, and, perhaps darkest of all, a bleak winter in Shinnecock Hills. 

Next up? Chris Knopf, a Southampton part-timer, will drop in with “Cop Job,” his latest Sam Acquillo Hamptons murder mystery, two weeks hence (that would be March 12 on the calendar), also at 4 p.m.


Pulitzer Winner at the College

It isn’t every day that you get a chance to hear a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet read from his work “up close and personal,” as it were, and in a space intriguingly called the Radio Lounge, with a little milling-and-chatting reception thrown in, maybe something to quaff to take the edge off, what with it being a Wednesday night in the dead of the off-season. . . .

Gregory Pardlo’s the name, “Digest” is the winning collection, 7 o’clock’s the time, the Stony Brook Southampton campus is the place, Writers Speak is the happening, and — you’ll have to trust the faceless compiler of this semi-column on this one — the guy has racked up numerous literary awards and won several fellowships and gloried in his poetry’s publication many times over in various journals, mags, and anthologies. He lives in Brooklyn and teaches at the Camden campus of Rutgers U.