Buy My Life in Montauk

Bielers house on Homeward Lane in Montauk
This house on Homeward Lane in Montauk is part of the “life” that Lee Beiler and Maureen Taylor are selling for $3.6 million. Janis Hewitt

    Is there anyone who hasn’t fantasized at some point about leaving behind their old stuff, selling their house, and stepping into someone else’s life?
    Maureen Taylor and Lee Beiler of Montauk and Kauai, Hawaii, are betting on that fantasy as they attempt to sell their Montauk house, fully furnished and decorated, and their two cars in a direct, “family-to-family” sale for $3.6 million.
    Mr. Beiler is a former owner of the Blue Parrot in East Hampton. Ms. Taylor was an owner of Samadhi House, a yoga studio in Montauk that burned down four years ago. Once they were both out of the business world, a plan started simmering, said Ms. Taylor.
    “In the absence of the Parrot and Samadhi House, we’re now in Kauai eight months out of the year. With all the traveling, we started thinking, ‘Why are we doing this?’ ” Ms. Taylor said.
    The decision to leave the hamlet and move full-time to their second house on Kauai was prompted in part by the changes Montauk has undergone in the past few years. “Summers have gotten crazy. As I get older I want to simplify,” Mr. Beiler said by phone from Kauai. “To break the tradition after 40 years is hard; I love Montauk, but things change,” he said.
    “Kauai is Montauk 30 years ago,” Ms. Taylor said. “A big night out is a hibachi on the beach watching the moon.”
     They designed their Montauk house themselves. When they were building it nine years ago on a hill overlooking East Lake Drive with wide views of Lake Montauk, they didn’t think about the day when they would eventually sell it. Everything from the hula girl lamps to the antlers, beach glass, and driftwood on the mantels was purchased or found specifically for the house. The dining room is dominated by a 200-year-old distressed table from Mexico with traces of its original paint. Much of the house’s interior trim and the kick plates under the counters came from an old barn salvaged from Pennsylvania.
    Because the things in the house seemed so much a part of the house, the couple came up with the concept of “selling a life,” which led them to create their own Web site for the purpose, “We thought it would be fun to totally hook up the family that bought our home,” the couple wrote on the site.
    Included in the $3.6 million price tag for the four-bedroom, three-bath house are the couple’s Porsche Carrera and Ford F150 pickup, a cache of surfboards, works of art and photography, not to mention all of the house’s furnishings and finishes.
    “It’s so much more than a house. It’s the light, the smell in the air, the darkness,” Ms. Taylor said.
    But what the couple will miss more than the house, she said, are the people. “Montauk will always be in my heart.”


Very cool. Having met Lee a few times years back and gotten a feel for his lifestyle and vibe, I have no doubt that some lucky family will see this as the best $3.6MM they ever spent. That said, if they can only come up with, say $2MM, I too will part with my fully furnished, oceanview Montauk home. Yes, it's a bit less house, BUT the buyer can pick the color of their NEW Porsche and F150 which I will provide along with the house. triple w dot montaukview dot com.
Sounds pretty desparate to sell your life at 3.6 MM, while the property is worth about half. Is buying some one elses lifestile hat interesting? Do you realy buy their lives (good deal for the devil!) or just collected stuff (including used cars), without your personal touch. So if you have no imagination, let alone a personal life stile, this is your all included 'how to impress friends and relations' in Holywood at the Atlantic. Montauk is a beatifull area, so keep it alive! TdB
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I was shocked to read Bonnie Nelsons comments. The hispanic people are part of our community, work here and are far from the " rude " people who feel they are entiltled. Please stay in LA