Recorded Deeds 10.04.12

The prices below have been calculated from the county transfer tax. Unless otherwise noted, the parcels contain structures.

J. and K. Kennedy to 25 Broadview L.L.C., 25 Broadview Road, 1.5 acres, Aug. 15, $1,410,000.

M. Dos Santos to G. and S. Galati, 42 Kettle Hole Road, .82 acre (vacant), Aug. 23, $1,025,000.
G. Prokop to M. and A. Jaffe, 23 Fort Pond Road, Unit 127, Aug. 10, $450,000.

W. and E. Tobin to T. Ring and K. Gleason, 3 Grape Arbor Lane, 1.37 acres, Aug. 17, $3,175,000.
R. Sachs to G. and K. Kline, 33 Old Orchard Lane, 1.89 acres, Aug. 16, $3,900,000.

L. Bowles to J. and K. Wallison, 25 Sunset Drive, .29 acre, Aug. 10, $1,395,000.
G. and D. Martino to J. and R. Benvent, 18 Archibald Way, .5 acre, Aug. 14, $1,350,000.

C. Lipomi by executor to J. and K. Virga, 87 Hog Creek Road, .4 acre (vacant), July 25, $185,000.
S. Long and D. Klein to D. and D. Hallett, 28 Sycamore Drive, .49 acre (vacant), Aug. 17, $205,000.

Data provided by Suffolk Research Service of Southampton